Advanced Services in Oakhurst, CA




Advanced Procedures

Dr. Horsanian takes extra care of patients needing advanced procedures. His staff ensures all patients are given step-by-step instruction on what will be taking place making each patient feel at ease.

Crowns: If your tooth is too broken down to be restored with a filling, a crown is usually put in place. Crowns are full coverage restorations that make broken or cracked teeth easier to treat.

Dentures: Our staff can replace your loosened tooth or teeth that have been lost due to bone loss. If bone loss is great enough around the roots causing your teeth to fall out, it may be time for dentures. We will make this process easy and as always, make you feel comfortable and at ease.
Senior Dentures — Dentures in Oakhurst, CA
Dental Check-Up — TMJ Treatment in Oakhurst, CA
Teeth Examination — Root Canal Treatment in Oakhurst, CA
Implants: Implants are used as an option to replace a missing tooth or teeth. During this procedure, we place a small titanium shaft into the bone and allow it to set before attaching the replacement tooth onto the top of the shaft.

Root Canal Treatment: When a cavity is neglected enough to reach all the way to the pulp, a root canal procedure is needed. Root canals are performed to clean out the infected tooth pulp and disinfect the canals.

Bridges: Bridges allow for the space to be filled created by a missing tooth. The purpose of the bridge is to replace the tooth both functionally and cosmetically.

TMJ Treatments: TMJ can cause many issues including headaches, earaches, trouble/soreness opening and closing the mouth, pain in jaw muscles and general soreness in the area. Oakhurst Dental Center has many treatments for TMJ including but not limited to replacing missing teeth, moving teeth and filling gaps between the teeth.